Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale


I have lots of incredible friends, and we all play a particular role.  I have a friend that is a Nurse Practicioner, one that is a Nurse, another that is a computer genius, one that is a college professor who does research on Cancer, others that are pharmacist, moms, dads, and so on and so on.  I also have a fantastic friend that is a (she hates when you say it…do I dare?…ughhh, I will) Life Coach!!!

Jennifer Tuma-Young has been on a wild journey for the last decade.  She has recounted endless stories of her struggles in life:  weight loss, money, happiness, health, relationships with others and with food.  The list goes on.  She talks about where she is at in her life, and where she wants to be.  She is your normal, everyday, average person…and she just wrote a book!

About a year ago, Jen came into my life because our daughters were in the same school and in the same class.  I knew nothing about her, except I knew her smile was (and is) infectious!  She is one of the MOST positive people I ever met.  I needed to be in her space!  Thankfully, the feeling was mutal (I hope?).  Our daughters, and later our sons, got together for playdates and through these playdates I learned (over coffee and her husband’s to die for chips) what Jen was all about.

Jennifer is a blogger, a tweeter, a foodie, a mom, a wife, and coach.  She has released over 100 pounds from her body by simply changing her mindset!  She has been a guest on several television shows (Hello- Rachel Ray!!!), is an owner of a Curves gym, and travels across the country sharing her message of love, strength, hope, courage, confidence, and self-worth.  She asks you to challenge yourself with her 30-Day Balance Challenges where she offers you tools for success, coaching, reflection, and celebration.

I know her methods work.  I am a HUGE fan of hers, and I still cannot believe she calls me her friend!  She’s like my mini celebrity, and I am always in her corner!  I took her 30 Day Challenge and grew tremendously from it.  When I accomplished a goal, came another step closer to my dream, or had a breakthrough, I always thanked her and preached to others about how she did it.  In typical Jen style, she would claim that it was within me and always there…that she just showed me the tools I needed to bring it out.  Humble I suppose.  True I guess as well.  If it wasn’t for Jen, I might not have unlocked the potential that was hidden inside, and everyday I am a work in progress.

So I am excited that her dream, her life work is now a reality!  Her book, “Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale” will be arriving in stores NEXT week!  I am so blessed to have received an advanced copy of her book (perk for being a friend) and am telling you, you NEED this book.  What an incredible story.  Jen can teach you how to declutter your life, release what’s weighing you down, set goals (and accomplish them), confront your fears, and gain confidence!!!  She teaches you how to unlock what’s already inside of you!  Don’t believe me?  How about her book was selected as one of the top 10 MUST READS from the Barnes and Noble Health & Diet Expert!  Yeah, I told you it was that good!

So I would suggest that you take a minute to pre-order this book…and when it comes, take it in.  Page by page, chapter by chapter, and apply the principles to your life.  Her book isn’t just a pretty coffee table book or shelf filler, it’s a book that will give you the tools you need in life to make the changes you need to improve its quality!  So what are you waiting for?  Go get your copy now!!!  It’s available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon (Hardcover, Nook, or Kindle Edition).  There is just no excuse, and NO, you cannot borrow my copy! 🙂